Delivering Economic Growth through Excellence

‘We provide solutions to drive economic growth by supporting SMEs to make improvements and become more competitive’

Delivering effective business support programmes, working in partnership with funders to produce tangible results within businesses whilst maximising the return on the initial investment.

Our Core Competencies

Excellence is in our DNA. It stems from our flexible and professional approach to work, our culture and our people.

We work in partnership with funders of business support programmes to deliver the maximum returns from their investments. Funders of business support invest in business support to make a positive difference. Economic Growth Solutions are part of the mix to help deliver the desired outcomes and improvements.

Our proven ‘core competency’ approach is embedded in all business support programmes that we deliver from concept through to delivery and completion.

We deploy our competencies in a systemised approach which helps us to deliver results consistently.

Design and configure
We create compelling business support programmes tailored to market demands

We mobilise programmes effectively and efficiently using quality systems and procedures

Business Engagement
We source the right volume and type of clients to support that yield the maximum returns

Programme Management
We take a pride in always being in control of the prorgamme from start to finish. We do this by using an effective suite of management information

Evidencing Economic Growth
We always deliver improvements and growth to economies which can be substantiated through auditable evidence

We work in partnership with funders in a completely transparent manner to deliver the best support that will produce the maximum returns

Even though we have a systemised approach to our work, our key asset is our people and culture. Our people have a wealth of experience derived from many years’ experience of improving businesses and working in the business support arena. They deploy their skills and experience whilst working within a positive culture of enjoyment. It is important we have fun whilst working – the best results occur whilst people have fun. Our people are truly diligent, loyal and honest and by working exhibiting such behaviours help many thousands of SME companies to make improvements.

Everything we do, we keep simple. One of our strengths is to break down the complex and make it simple.

When working with clients, we have the same mentality. We try to help them to understand complex problems they may be exposed to, and present solutions that are simple to understand.

We do this by using effective diagnostic tools that help us to understand the businesses we’re working with. The initial time spent working with a client is precious – this is the time spent understanding their business, the problems and opportunities they are faced with.

By working in partnership with the senior team of a client business, we help facilitate the creation of a simple action plan that will help them to prioritise the changes they need to implement to make improvements and become more competitive.

Our Approach

When delivering business support programmes, we again use a systemized approach to working with clients or the beneficiaries of the business support.

We have access to a wide range of market leading diagnostic tools that help to facilitate the understanding of the business, the problems and opportunities they are exposed to

Action Plan
The output of the diagnostic is a simple business improvement action plan. This provides the client with a priority of clear actions that once completed, will see improvements to the business

Source Expert Delivery
We have an extensive network of expert SME consultants and coaches who are able to deliver the improvement projects to our clients

Account Management
Whilst the expert is delivering the improvement project with the client, our Business Advisor team ensure the project being delivered is fully aligned to the action plan, it is delivered in the correct timescales and that the proposed improvements are realized

Quantify and evidence the improvement
Once the project has been completed, our Business Advisor team are able to quantify the resulting improvements

Signposting and referrals
Our Business Advisors are very well networked and introduce their clients to other forms of business support. These direct introductions lead to other actions within the action plan being completed

This systemized approach to delivering business support mixed with the vast array of experience the delivery team possess, means Economic Growth Solutions has the ability to deliver support across a multitude of support specialisms including;

  • Start-Ups
  • Growth or Scale-Up
  • Growth Readiness
  • Manufacturing
  • Supply Chain
  • Innovation
  • Productivity Improvement

Effective delivery of our business support programmes leads to real Economic Growth evidenced by;

  • Job creation
  • New product introduction
  • New market penetration
  • Productivity improvements
  • Higher value businesses
  • Better skilled workforce

Meet The Team

Our key asset is our people – our culture is driven by the extensive professional experience of our staff. The team at EGS, collectively have many years’ experience of improving businesses and working with funders and stakeholders in the business support arena. Business facing team members are recruited based on their own ‘real’ business experience, many of them have successfully set up, owned and run their own businesses or help senior positions in larger organisations so can relate to the barriers and issues faced by businesses.

Martin Coats

Martin Coats

Managing Director


Dean Barnes

Dean Barnes

Regional Director

Nabila Khaliq

Nabila Khaliq

Operations Manager


Martin Coats

Martin was instrumental in the creation of Economic Growth Solutions and driving the rapid mobilisation of the company resulting in the successful launch of the Manufacturing Growth Programme. He is responsible for the successful delivery of all business support contracts whilst leading on the strategic development of the business. He works very closely with funders in helping them to design business support programmes that will deliver maximum impact

Martin has over 15 years’ experience of designing and delivering international, national, regional and local economic growth programmes that make improvements to SMEs. He has a passion for ‘making the complex simple’, delivering in an ‘open, honest and transparent manner’ whilst building teams that always deliver results.

Outside of work, Martin spends most of his spare time with his young family. He has a passion for sport and enjoys supporting his two children in developing their sporting and life skills.

Dean Barnes

Dean has been responsible in recruiting the field team and guiding through rapid mobilisation of the Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP) whilst leading and managing the overall delivery of both National and regional teams, while ensuring MGP achieve their overall complex contract targets in a manner that is fully ERDF compliant. Focusing on reputation, quality of clients engaged and customer satisfaction is critical to our success. Working with the Managing Director to deliver the annual MGP financial plan, which includes regular reviews, reporting on revenue, costs and expenditure, driven by monthly activity, impact and performance reports.

Dean has been helping businesses to grow for a number of years, in support of growth delivered to over 6,000 SME’s from securing funding for innovative high-tech companies to personally coaching high growth businesses. Assisting those high performing businesses with the potential to grow, supporting them to achieve their ambitions whilst keeping abreast of all modern manufacturing nuances are a must.

Away from work Dean is very much a football and cricket fan, time relaxing is spent reading a good Tom Sharpe novel, a motivating autobiography or watching a good thriller on T.V.

Nabila Khaliq

Nabila comes from a background of business analysis, working with the operational and financial teams to develop in-depth reporting and management information systems. Currently managing the administration project coordinator team and supporting the delivery teams in delivering high levels of compliancy as required by the Manufacturing Growth Programme. Nabila also provides the business and data analysis need to support the ERDF compliancy, achievement of KPIs, advanced management information reports and monitors the internal delivery team targets.

Alongside this, Nabila draws on her previous experience of working with local and national business support programmes to create meaningful reports which allow the team to further support ERDF compliancy, work towards the achievement of KPIs, and monitor internal delivery team targets. Her aim is to co-ordinate the many data requests required by complex ERDF projects with simple systems which are accessible to all and can grow alongside a dynamic evolving business.

Between poring over spreadsheets and expanding her knowledge of workplace IT solutions, Nabila is currently looking forward to the multiple holidays she has booked over the next year.

Paul Gosling

Paul Gosling

ERDF Programme Manager


Kapil Patel

Kapil Patel

Head of Finance


Amanda Glover

Amanda Glover

Marketing Manager


Paul Gosling

Paul’s previous programme mobilisation and ERDF governance experience has been central to the creation and implementation of fully compliant systems for the Manufacturing Growth Programme. Responsible for the preparation and completion of a number of successful regulatory compliancy visits, his day to day work is focused on managing claims and maintaining high standards through internal auditing, SMT reviews and, most importantly, working closely with all functional areas of the EGS Team. Adept at the business of day to day stakeholder management, under his supervision MGP has maintained an unprecedented level of efficient and timely monthly claim payments and reporting throughout its operational period.

Paul has over 10 years’ experience managing complex projects in both the public and private sectors. He is a champion of “right first time” and maintaining the integrity of every programme he is involved with; he is known for his consistent eye for detail. This, coupled with his real-world project life cycle experience, ensures EGS is provided with an additional source of end-to-end delivery insight and risk management that safeguards both the financial and impact success we currently deliver to our stakeholders.

Away from work, Paul maximises his time with his wife and children. When away from family, Paul can be found playing his trade in the Leicestershire County Tennis Leagues, pursuing his love of travel and or socialising with friends.

Kapil Patel

Kapil provides a full management and statutory accounting service to Economic Growth Solutions, ensuring the accuracy, integrity and dependability of reporting. He is responsible for developing the Finance Team and providing financial support and analysis to all parts of the business. Acting as the first point of contact for the auditors and communicating with them to ensure all questions can be answered efficiently. Working closely with the ERDF Manager to compile accurate financial reports that will enable the MGP financial claim to be submitted on time monthly.

Kapil has over 8 years’ Financial experience of financially setting up and closing national, regional and local grant funded and commercial projects, which have had an annual turnover from £10k to £30M+. Kapil has the passion to constantly improve by understanding and gaining knowledge of key position within the business and finance department to make processes simple. This is to make sure the business is efficient but whilst still maintaining a high quality to smoothly pass audit and grow the business.

Outside of work, Kapil is a newlywed and has recently became a father, so most of his spare time has been occupied by raising his new family. He is currently looking forward to enjoying some of his spare time with his wife and family. Kapil also helps with his local Youth community which he has been part of for more than 15 years.

Amanda Glover

Amanda’s key responsibility to date has been executing a sustainable marketing strategy to enhance EGS’s vision and strategy focusing activity on the programme delivery of the Manufacturing Growth Programme. Providing first hand support to the field teams and operation teams to support and enable the delivery of the programme to achieve delivery targets. Working with the Regional Director and Reginal Managers to reach the programme targets, supporting stakeholder engagement and providing supporting messages into the marketplace. Amanda is responsible for the delivery of all internal and external communications, including website and social media platforms as well as supporting the engagement of key programme stakeholders.

Previously Amanda has worked on national and regional business support programmes as part of their marketing teams, supporting them with communications, creative visuals and event activity. Other experience in a commercial environment include developing brands, showcasing opportunities and working with stakeholders to enhance company profiles.

In her spare time, Amanda enjoys spending time with her younger siblings, going for country walks with her soon to be husband and two English Bulldogs and is looking forward to planning her wedding.

Economic Growth Solutions has a credible track record of economic growth, with positive feedback from partners, clients and funders.

“Manufacturing is a strong sector across Leicester and Leicestershire and we are delighted to be working in partnership with Economic Growth Solutions to promote the Manufacturing Growth Programme. The scheme is an integral part of the business support offer in the region as it provides specialist manufacturing growth managers who can offer a free strategic business review, impartial advice and signposting, with the opportunity to access grant funding of up to 35% towards the cost of any consultancy and coaching requirements. This programme compliments other local business support including productivity and capability enhancement and smart innovation for new and existing products.”

Leicester and Leicestershire LEP

“SWMAS has worked with the team at EGS for over 5 years on the successful design and delivery of business support programmes and in the production of the Manufacturing Barometer, the largest survey of SME Manufacturers in the UK. EGS are always easy to work with and we have built up a high degree of trust and a successful collaboration based on shared values and a passion to deliver solid value to businesses and stakeholders.”


“My experience of the MGP application process has entirely positive; enquiries and applications have been processed promptly, efficiently and positively and this has enabled clients to proceed with improvement projects without difficulty or delay. EGS’s administration of this programme is refreshingly constructive and I look forward to referring more applications in over the next few months.”


“The Humber LEP and its Growth Hub are delighted to be working alongside Economic Growth Solutions in delivering support to our local manufacturing based companies. Access to this specialist support will provide our manufacturing businesses the opportunity to improve their productivity and growth thereby contributing to the local economy and providing valuable jobs for our local communities.”

The Humber LEP

“We’re pleased to work with EGS who bring expertise in delivering the ERDF-funded Manufacturing Growth Programme (MGP). Manufacturing is an important sector in our area and this programme adds to the growing suite of business support and advice we have for businesses across the South East Midlands.”

South East Midlands LEP

“Manufacturing is a hugely important sector for New Anglia LEP economy, one which offers the opportunity for rapid growth in productivity and jobs. The sector employs 73,500 in our region and is directly worth £4.2billion. We’re pleased to be working alongside Economic Growth Solutions, who are delivering the Manufacturing Growth Programme, which will help support our local manufacturing companies to improve productivity and cut costs. This tailored specialist support and access to grant funding will give businesses in this sector a much-needed boost to create local economic growth and create high value employment.”

New Anglia LEP

“From the start of the new Manufacturing Growth Programme, EGS have been very supportive of the CWLEP Growth Hub strategy to drive growth across the region, supporting local initiatives, being very responsive and professional to all enquiries we have referred, and updating us continually on progress. Early results are encouraging and already demonstrating impact on growth potential businesses.”

Coventry and Warwickshire LEP

“The Manufacturing Growth Programme is a shining example of how business support should be delivered. The support it offers is communicated clearly and transparently, which makes it easy to refer businesses into the scheme. Our local growth manager is first class in his dedication to customer service and proactively searches out new ways to develop relationships, signpost into additional support programmes and add value to the business support landscape.”

York, North Yorkshire and East Riding LEP